Full Range Rehab is committed to providing the patients, therapists and physicians we serve with the highest quality care and service in every aspect. We strive to assist each patient in improving their range of motion through use of the EZ Stretch.

Soldier's Heart

Full Range Rehab is featuring a link to an organization called Soldier's Heart. It was founded in 2006 and tends the invisible wounds resulting from war and military service. These wounds are now commonly called "PTSD"; during the Civil War, they were known as "Soldier's Heart." Soldier's Heart believes that these "soul wounds" are sacred and, properly tended, can lead to wisdom and transformation. They offer genuine homecoming and a path for post-traumatic growth to troops, veterans, families, and communities. Their mission focuses on veterans and their families but transcends their wounding to include the entire society.

If you are a Veteran in need of support, please visit this link to their website:

Our Success Stories

I was 11 months out from my original knee surgery and my range of motion was stuck at 85°. My surgeon wanted to do a manipulation under anesthesia but I had heard horror stories about that and didn't want to do it. The surgeon's assistant told me that there was a new device down in the therapy department that he wanted me to try to see if it would help me. It was the EZ Stretch. I tried it in the clinic and saw a small improvement with just one use. They prescribed it for me to use at home and I used it regularly four to five times a day for 15 minutes at a time for four weeks. Every week I went back to have my range of motion measured and it improved each time. My range of motion is now at 107°. I can get up and down the stairs with no problems. Sitting and standing have become so much easier now that my knee is moving better. I don't know what I would have done without the EZ Stretch. The delivery and sales people were friendly and helpful and explained what I needed to do. I would definitely recommend the EZ Stretch to anyone who has had a total knee replacement and is having trouble getting their range of motion going again."
Gene G., Orchard Park, NY

"The EZ Stretch was absolutely great - within no time I accomplished full range of motion. It was very easy to use and convenient.

I don't believe I would have achieved as much as I did as quickly as I did without it. Unbelievably Great!"
Dayton M. Beckley, WV

"Full Range was very significant part of my physical therapy. Excellent results, and easy to use."
David S., Marines, Aberdeen, IN

"I am glad that the Full Rang Rehab and the VA afforded me the opportunity to use the EZ Stretch machine. Combined with the in-home therapy, I am on the road to a quicker recovery. Thank you very much!"
Matthew K., Army, Spencerport, NY

"Before surgery, I could only bend my knee to 105. After, I could bend it between 115 and 120 and hold it straight out. Thanks!"
Roger S., Army, Columbus, TN

"The EZ Stretch made me feel like I had more control (of the stretching process)."
Alfred S., Air Force, Cincinnati, OH

"I would recommend it to everyone who needs a knee replacement, to use The EZ Stretch. It works, and it works well!"
Patrick H., Army, Buffalo, NY

"A must for knee replacement surgery."
James L., National Guard, Baltimore, MD

"A great devise for getting full range. Also, easy to use without a lot of instructions. Would recommend to others for physical therapy."
Michael C., Army, Aiken, SC

"This a great aide to helping with range of motion issues. I wish I could have it longer to assist with my permanent extension. It has gotten me to a better ROM than my doctor and PT has. Thank you EZ Stretch!"
Ronald B., Air Force, Toledo, OH

"Definitely will up range of motion if you are faithful and consistent with use."
Caren A., Army, Williamsville, NY

"EZ stretch was a great help for me to reach full range of motion. I had great success and would recommend it to anyone."
Dan O., Army, Glencoe, KY

"What a fantastic machine! I only wish I could have had use of the EZ Stretch machine sooner. I highly recommend this. I know I would not have the range of motion that I have now without the EZ Stretch, Thank you!"
Kevin A., Army, Loveland, OH

"Without this machine, I do not believe I could have gotten back to my full stretch in such a short period of time. I recommend it to everyone who has knee surgery espeially those who get both done at one time."
Ralph I., Air Force Kill Devil Hills, NC

"This was a big help with my recovery. Thanks for all your help."
Bruce N., Army, Antioch, TN

"EZ Stretch was a big help in retuning my knee to full motion. It helped cut the time in physical therapy down to 1/3 the approved number of visits.
Kevin SW., Air Force, Laverne, TN

"Thank you for the use, I know I'm better because of it."
Ervin R., Army, Ludovici, GA

"I found using the EZ Stretch before PT made PT easier. I look forward to using it again after my next knee replacement surgery. I had that significant of improvement after starting with EZ Stretch. Thank you!"
Vickie P., Navy, Lady Lake, FL

"I think I could have reached my goal with this machine, but I ran out of time. I would recommend this machine over any other older machines now in use."
Mary G., Army, Versailles, IN

"A friend had surgery four months before I did, and he still doesn't have the ROM that I have. He didn't have access to the EZ Stretch."
Luther R., Army, West Van Lear, KY

"Excellent device and service."
Alan W., Navy, Upper Marlboro, MD

"Helped tremendously with range of motion, especially flexion. I believe the machine accelerated my rehab, immensely."
Luther R., Army, West Van Lear, KY

"This machine shortened the length of time it took me to recover full range of motion. I appreciated that I did not have to stress myself while stretching. I could relax and let the Full Range EZ Stretch do the hard work for me."
Ken K., Army. Buffalo. NY

"The EZ Stretch machine saved my knee and gave me more mobility to walk without pain. I am very happy to have used it. Thank you."
Marvin S., Marines, Castell. NY

"This is a good system and company. Always courteous and kind staff. I would recommend this company and system to all I come in contact that has a total knee replacement."
Larry M., Army, Smyrna, TN

"The EZ Stretch is comfortable, the remote is easy to operate and read by keeping track of your progress overall. I am completely satisfied with it. If not for the Z Stretch my knee would not have healed and soon as it did."
James M., Army, Greenbrier, TN

"Great machine to have at home. Can use at you own pace and time."
Robert., Marines, Gaffney, SC

"I started with limited range, but kept raising my range every day to the point of hurt and pain, holding it up at the level as long as I could each day increasing the range. With total knee replacement at the end of four weeks, I was full range straight 110 and bend with no hurt or pain., "Great helper." I am past 85 years old wish, I could stretch all my joints."
Franklin G., Army, St. Albans, WV

I received the EZ Stretch 3 weeks after my surgery. I was at 40/20. By the end of 8 weeks, I was 95/0. I used it while watching TV and was able to improve each week I was measured. I highly recommend the EZ Stretch. Great machine!
Hattye K, Navy, Belcamp, MD

This was an excellent machine! In my opinion, the EZ Stretch was fun and easy to use. It was easy to advance the levels of stretches to reach the maximum results. Stretching ligaments after any knee surgery is almost impossible, but I did reach great results.
Jeff C., Army, Chesapeake VA

I recommend that everyone use the EZ stretch for knee recovery. If you had hip, knee, or ligament problems', this is the best machine I have ever used. It is a great product and got me back on my feet in no time. Thank you EZ Stretch!
Harry H., Army, Holly Hill, SC

This equipment was very effective and user-friendly. I am convinced I would not have been as dedicated to using anything else designed to improve mobility and range of motion as I was to the EZ Stretch. It allowed me to control, set goals and manage the process well.
Pamela A., Air Force, Durham, NC

The Full Range Rehab devise helped me very much. I went from 90 to 115-120 degrees range of motion. The more I used it, the better my knee felt, and I looked forward to using it. I highly recommend it for rehab therapy. Rating A+.t.
Robert L., Army, South Portsmouth, KY

It has left me feeling tremendously during my recovery. I don't feel I would have reached the required range motion with of it.
Brenda W., Army, Charleston, SC

The greatest machine ever made for knee replacement patients.
James W., Army, Aberdeen, MD

The EZ Stretch had the ability to get me to the flexibility and extension that I couldn't get from anything else.
Leroy W., Air Force, Owings Mills, MD

The EZ Stretch is an excellent tool for increasing range of motion. It truly makes a difference if you are committed to a full recovery. The company strives to accommodate the customer's needs in any way. Excellent P.R.!
Fred F., Army, Caiz , KY

The EZ STRETCH was a Godsend during the rehabilitation period following my Total Knee Replacement. Ironically, I found out about the machine during a PT session during my stay at VAMC Philadelphia when I joked that there should be a machine to help with the stretching process necessary to regain the range of motion in my knee. The therapist replied, "We have one."

EZ STRETCH was installed in my home a couple of days following my release from the hospital and I began using it during my personal rehab exercises 2-3 times per day. It made stretching significantly easier and I was able to concentrate and increase my efforts over the traditional exercise methods.

My results; on day 33 following surgery I participated in a 25-mile charity bicycle ride. And my full range of motion was rapidly restored, and I was released from physical therapy in very short order. It should also be noted that I worked hard getting in shape prior to my surgery and really "pushed" my rehab, which I recommend to anyone anticipating TKR surgery.

In short, at age 65 I don't think I could have experienced these excellent results without EZ STRETCH. Thank you Full Range Rehab.

Tom D, Glen Mills, PA

I have use the EZ Stretch two times with knee replacement from the VA. First knee (right) had been 40 years locked between 17 and 70 range of motion. Thanks to a good therapy program and 3-5 times a day on this machine, I go from 0 to 135 in both legs.

Thomas T., Marines, New Market., TN

I initially had a different machine for creating more flexibility in my knee. However, after a recommendation of a fellow patient. I requested and was issued an E Z Stretch machine. One of the best moves made as it relates to my recovery.

Eric D., Army, Miami, FL

It was great! Yes, this machine is a good design and would recommend to anyone that was thinking of using this machine. Thank you for the opportunity to use it. Great job-design.

John M., Army, Toledo, OH

EZ Stretch is just that. An EZ Stretch to the next goal of having the range of motion that gets you back to 100 percent.

Larry M., Army, Smyrna, TN

EZ Stretch was ordered by my surgeon to facilitate my recovery for knee replacement. It was extremely east to use and was truly effective in strengthening my knee very quickly.

Thomas B., Army, North Tonawanda, NY

I love the EZ Stretch, it really helped my progress, I would recommend it to anyone who had knee surgery.

A. Crawford, Army, Mullins, SC

I had double knee surgery on November 16, 2016. The knee was very bad. After surgery, I was in the hospital for a week instead of overnight. I was told that the scar tissue was very bad and they doubted that I would be able to break it up and would require another surgery to get my full range of motion back.

Then I transferred to Baylor Rehab Center for another month, then Medicare required that I be transferred to home health care for another 30 days. After that I was transferred to Texas Health Resources Outpatient Rehab for 60 days. I still did not have fullrnge of motion so I went to VA Fort Earth Clinic. They sent me home with the EZ Stretch Full Rehab machine, with which I was able to get full range of motion without another surgery, the machineneeds to be available for purchase by the public. It is a lot bet than having a therapist bending your knees because their only feedback is your screaming with pain.

Robert H., Airforce, Burleson, TX

Each day the machine would bring me closer to my goals. The pain was there but I was in control. The machine and I had many conversations while on this journey. At the end, I was very thankful it brought me a long way.

Wade M., Army, Inez. KY

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