Our Mission

Full Range Rehab is committed to providing the patients, therapists and physicians we serve with the highest quality care and service in every aspect. We strive to assist each patient in improving their range of motion through use of the EZ Stretch.

Our Company

Full Range Rehab was established in 2006. We are a member of the West Chester Chamber Alliance and OH Better Business Bureau and are now accredited with the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). We also have a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract award effective March 1, 2013.

Our Product

EZ Stretch
The EZ Stretch was designed and developed after years of receiving valuable input from Physical Therapists looking for a way for their patients to continue their knee rehab at home. The goal was to create a therapy device that was easy to use to ensure patients would keep the important gains made during physical therapy.

We offer a unique, patented, mechanical therapy device that provides bilateral and bi-directional stretching of the knee joint. Our product is comfortable, safe, and patient-controlled. It is intended for use in the home as an adjunct to physical therapy.

The EZ Stretch is available for rental only and is typically prescribed for two months of in-home use following surgery of the knee or at any point during rehab where the therapist or surgeon feels that range of motion improvements in the knee have reached a plateau.

The device uses a simple but effective concept for stretching the knee joint. The patient uses a handheld control to activate a small motor attached to the frame of the device that moves the lever arm forward and back. The patient has complete control and can increase or decrease the intensity of the stretch on the knee joint as tolerated. Because the patient remains in control of the stretch at all times, we are able to virtually eliminate muscle-guarding so the patient can achieve maximum stretching of the knee joint.

Our device can accommodate both large and small framed individuals with a weight capacity of up to approximately 350 lbs. The EZ Stretch is also equipped with an amputee adapter that can assist amputees in stretching the joint to enable placement of a prosthetic device. Because of the patient- friendly design, it is ideal for the elderly, obese or mobility compromised patient. The sturdy frame allows for easy and comfortable use which promotes better patient compliance and improved outcomes. There is no hip involvement, no belts, straps or hand-pumps involved. Patients simply sit in the chair, make sure they are comfortable and press a button to begin their session.

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