Full Range Rehab is committed to providing the patients, therapists and physicians we serve with the highest quality care and service in every aspect. We strive to assist each patient in improving their range of motion through use of the EZ Stretch.

More Success Stories

"The EZ Stretch helped me go beyond what I thought I could achieve for the motion of my leg. I would recommend this machine to anyone wanting to improve motion in the legs."
Michael H., Hawkins, TX

"There is not one thing I would change about the EZ Stretch. I was totally pleased with the EZ Stretch and also with your employees. This was right on time for me. I expressed such to the VA also."
Arthur B., Chicago, IL

"The EZ Stretch was very useful to me. During use, it served its purpose for attaining ROM. The device is the best on the market anywhere."
Leonard J., College Park, GA

"I highly recommend the EZ Stretch because of the successful results I received. I have much more flexibility in my knee. Also, the convenience of having the EZ stretch device delivered to my home allowed me a more flexible rehab schedule."
Samuel W., Newman, GA

"The EZ Stretch worked great for me - the PT exercises were painful and sometimes I skipped the painful parts - with this unit the hard work is gradual and less noticeable."
Ellie S., Wilkinson, IN

"I would like to say I am very pleased with my time using the EZ Stretch. The friendliness of the delivery person made me feel good about working with my knee. I would love to tell everyone I know who has a knee problem that the EZ Stretch is the way to go."
Robert P., Columbia, SC

"The EZ Stretch made my recovery so easy and full. I would have not have done so well without it. I was great!"
Ronald J., Sunbury, OH

"I loved the EZ stretch and used it everyday. I was able to get good range of motion when using the machine but not so good range of motion without it. I feel it's a great rehabilitation tool for knee patients. Thank you EZ Stretch!"
Tammie M., Hampton, GA

"I was so pleased with the EZ Stretch. My ROM was greatly improved! This is a wonderful machine and the people are amazing!"
Connie Z., Lewis Center, OH

"With the EZ Stretch I was able to go from a (10° - 80°) bend to a (0° - 90°) bend, while other exercises may have helped me to get the 90°, I feel the EZ Stretch was the only way I would have got to 0°. I loved it!"
Malcolm S., Dallas, GA

"The EZ Stretch was instrumental with my rehab from total knee replacement. My range of extension is drastically better. I wish I owned one as nothing works better to achieve full extension."
Kenneth J., Kenmore, NY

"The EZ Stretch increased the flexibility and range of motion in my knee without causing excess discomfort in the newly replaced knee joint. It was comfortable and easy to use."
Lawrence S., Crete, IL

"If you are serious about your recovery then the EZ Stretch device will yield promising results."
Jeffrey W., Chicago, IL

"I had total knee replacement and after surgery I was at 20 degrees from straight. After two months of exercise and stretches I gained 2 degrees. After three months with the EZ Stretch machine, I got to less than 5 degrees from straight. It was effortless and I recommend it to everyone."
William Z., Cheektowaga, NY

"I used the EZ Stretch device for approximately one hour per day for a 4-5 week period. The machine is easy to use and you attain excellent results. My flexion as well as my extension of the leg improved steadily during the period. I would recommend this device for anyone having knee replacement surgery."
Thomas M., Thornville, OH

"This machine sped up my recovery at a rate that was a lot faster than PT exercises alone. It was a very big help!"
Martin W., Flossmoor, IL

I was totally satisfied with your machine and the people I dealt with. I would recommend the EZ Stretch and company to anyone."
Joseph D., Chicago IL

I wish I had this immediately after surgery and didn't wait seven months for this form of rehab. It works better than normal exercise."
Fred C., Columbus IN

I've enjoyed being physically active all my life. But after my total knee replacement, I felt like I was never going to get back to doing all the things I loved. But then, I started using the EZ Stretch. It was so easy to get in and out of it, even right after surgery. I used it all the time at home during my rehab. My therapist was amazed at the quick progress I was making. My range of motion is terrific now in my knee and I'm back to doing all the things I love to do. I don't think I would have gotten back to it as quickly if I hadn't been able to use the EZ Stretch at home during that time."
Albert W., Cincinnati, OH

The EZ Stretch was great! Following knee surgery and a 2nd knee manipulation surgery, it greatly improved my range of motion. It was easy to use at home and I could control the amount of stretch as well as the length of time during each use. I continued to use the EZ stretch at physical therapy after using it at home. I would highly recommend this equipment to anyone with knee mobility issues. It helped me immensely! Thanks!"
LeAnn G., Suwanee, Georgia

This machine, "EZ Stretch," is without question the easiest and most functionally useful machine I have used. Following knee replacement my flexibility/range of motion improved considerably. I doubt that my level of knee rehab result would have been achieved without this machine. Great Product!"
Evon K., Gainesville, Georgia

I had an infection after knee surgery so I was seven weeks late starting rehab. The EZ stretch made it possible for me to rehab any time of the day or night. I was able to regain full use of my knee in two months."
Sims S., Columbus, Ohio

I attribute the relatively quick recovery from a knee replacement to the EZ-stretch as well as Physical Therapy. Whenever I felt my knee getting stiff, I would get on the EZ Stretch and work it out. Since my PT was only once a week,it was great to augment it whenever I wanted to."
Roger G., Crown Point, Indiana

Having this machine in your home makes physical therapy great! You do not forget to do your exercises and the EZ stretch makes it so easy. It was a pure joy!"
Nicholas F. Ft. Thomas, Kentucky

What a wonderful invention. It dramatically improved my range of motion and served me well in my rehab. Thanks."
Richard W. Greenwood, Indiana

The EZ Stretch works well. It does exactly what it is suppose to do. All you have to do is get on and push the right button. Thank you!"
Steven N Vevay, IN

Along with Rehab the EZ Stretch allowed me to reach full range of motion within a month. It was the single most important part of my rehab."
Donald D Columbus, OH

After knee replacement, full range of motion must be established as soon as possible. This is extremely difficult using muscles that are still repairing. Your EZ Stretch machine is very easy to operate and gave me better results than physical therapy. Kudos to Full Range Rehab, a great machine."
Richard D, Amherst, NY

After surgery and trying to manually stretch left knee back the EZ Stretch was ordered by the VA. Not knowing anything regarding the EZ Stretch, I was amazed how I could advance my therapy. It was not easy but the commitment of use of the EZ Stretch paid huge dividends in weeks to come. This machine performed excellent in my therapy! Thank you EZ Stretch team!"
Jeffrey K Lawrenceburg, IN

The EZ Stretch machine helped me to achieve my goal and improved my range of motion in a short period of time. My doctors were surprised and extremely pleased with my performance and achievement which was ahead of their time line."

The best device for knee rehab in the world."
Joseph F Chicago, IL

Once I got use to the EZ Stretch I did not want to give up! I felt better after each use."
Perry J Chicago, IL

The EZ Stretch was a Godsend. This device is the best equipment possible for the type of injury I encountered. After my surgery my left leg was as stiff as a board from the knee down. The EZ Stretch upon arrival to my home took over like a well trained therapist and did its job. No pain, No gain. The EZ Stretch is the most and only device for positive machine therapy."
David T College Park, GA

On January 22, 2013, I had a knee replacement at the VA in White River Junction, VT. The care there was exceptional in all aspects. Their PT Dept is triple A! Aside from their hands on work, the single best piece of equipment for extending/bending my leg was the EZ Stretch"
Lawrence E, Bethel VT

The EZ Stretch machine helped me to achieve the full range of motion I desired after knee replacement surgery. It was convenient and easy to use. Also, I could pace my flexion and extension to meet how my knee felt, day to day"
Charles L, Reynoldsurg OH

I feel my experience with the EZ Stretch has been very positive. It was better than my experience with a CPM."
Robert A, Lancaster OH

I think it was the best thing for my knee. Nothing else would have given me that range of motion back. Thank you. Thank you."
Pat M, Bay City MI

The machine is a must that a person needs to have when having a knee replacement. A-OK in my book!"
Larry Z, West Lebanon IN

While using the EZ Stretch for the time I had it (8 wks), I noticed how easy it was for me to stretch. After three weeks of use and being checked by my orthopaedic doctor, he said my range of motion was ahead of schedule. Very pleased with my results ."
Robert P, Rotterdam NY

The EZ Stretch machine was a life saver for me. The EZ Stretch did everything for me it was built to do. Thanks for your support in helping me with my intense therapy."
Phil D, Danville IN

I want to thank the VA for using your service. I can actually bend my knee further than I was able to before. It really did the job it was intended to perform. Thanks again."
George D, Lansing IL

Without a good Physical Therapist and the use of the EZ Stretch machine, I don't think I would have regained motion in my knee!"
Jeff T, Johnson TN

Without the EZ Stretch, I don't know how long it would have taken me on my own to do my therapy. Having the EZ Stretch motivated me in ways I wouldn't have been motivated on my own. I wouldn't want it any other way to rehab my knee without the EZ Stretch."
Alexis L, Atlanta GA

It helped me quickly gain my range of motion. I will be using it again when I have my second knee replacement in September."
Walter M, Hamburg NY

"I really believe the EZ Stretch enabled me to get back my range of motion and keep it after my double knee replacement. It allows you to push yourself yet have total control! I would recommend it to anyone having this procedure."
Molly S. West Jefferson, OH

"This device was extremely helpful with the rehabilitation of my knee. It was easy to use, convenient to locate anywhere, comfortable and gives you the ability to ease through your pain threshold without being in agony. I not only benefitted from using this device, I actually enjoyed it! Great medical device!"
Charles L. Canton, GA

"The EZ Stretch was the perfect answer for helping me reach my goals set by my therapy team. My knee rehabilitation time frame was cut in half largely due to my use of the EZ Stretch. Thanks again!"
Charlie H. Murrells Inlet, SC

"This machine allowed me to go a little beyond my limits each day and now my knee is better than it has been in years. Thanks to the EZ Stretch, my life is back to normal."
Reggie D. Oak Hill, WV

"The EZ Stretch is an excellent device for any person to use for knee rehab. It is unbelievably easy to operate and extremely beneficial."
Gaston S. Lake Luzerne, NY

"On Several occasions (4 Knee Replacements) I had the pleasure of utilizing the EZ Stretch. I really think this device is heaven sent. It is very portable and simple to use and operate. Good job Full Range Rehab and kudos to your delivery personnel."
Stanley T. Portsmouth, VA

"My knee rehab was difficult at first because of the pain but the EZ Stretch became very useful as it allowed me to stretch to full limits. Without this piece of equipment I do not know how much range of motion I would have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Johnnie P. Teachery, NC

"The EZ Stretch was responsible for improving my range of motion ahead of schedule after my total knee replacement. The EZ Stretch should be a mandatory tool for anyone that needs to regain or maintain full range of motion."
David E Bealeton, VA

"I was at first hesitant at having a machine to help me, but I soon found out that it was a help and not a hindrance. The company representative was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to me. He was punctual and was never in a hurry. Thank you for the use of this machine."
Elmer K. Jr, NY

"I believe with out this machine I would not be where I am today. This machine was outstanding. Thank you."
Robert B., MO

"The EZ Stretch allowed me to do/achieve even when I didn't want to do the work. At times, the pain of the motion were approaching unbearable. But it was the ONLY way I could reach the range of motion needed to facilitate my recovery and return to work."
Greg T., TX

"It was very beneficial to my rehab. I was impressed that it was delivered on a Sunday so I could get started right away."
Paul M., TN

"I believe the EZ Stretch should be a major requirement to be used immediately following your TKR surgery. It has helped me significantly to increase my range of motion without adding the pushing impact into my hip/back as I had when manually pushing to achieve results. The EZ Stretch has really made a difference."
Theodora B. - S. Chesterfield, VA

"I appreciate having the opportunity to use your device. I feel that I would not have made as much post-operative progress without it. The "customer service" is exceptional."
Roger H. - Glen Allen, VA

"This was my second total knee replacement/revision on my knee and without EZ Stretch, I don't think I would have progressed as quickly nor obtained the range of motion I have today, Thank you very much. The EZ Stretch was a life saver for me. I would recommend it to everyone."
Patricia S. - Memphis, TN

"The EZ Stretch helped me to reach my goal for recovery after my knee replacement surgery. I would recommend this to everyone that has had knee surgery."
Fonnie W. - Linden, NC

"Thank you; I believe this EZ Stretch has helped me. Thank you for taking care of us vets."
Robert B. - Tupelo, MS

"It is a very useful machine and it helped me achieve my goal of full motion."
Wayne T. - Bradford, VT

"I like the EZ Stretch, it helps me bend my knee with help. When I did my first knee I didn't have the EZ Stretch, I don't have the range of motion in my right knee. I thought it was a big help to me."
Larry S. - Bassett, VA

"Until I received my EZ Stretch my range of motion was about 85 degrees. With using it 6 times a day and 20 minute sessions, I was able to increase my range of motion to 130 degrees in about 3 weeks. This is an awesome machine if you are serious about getting back on your feet. Many thanks to Wayne Williams."
Cedrick C. - Stafford VA

"Great machine, used it faithfully every day & got 120 back on flexion and 2 degrees from extension. You have to use this machine; you cannot procrastinate just do it. I assure you you will walk again. Doug "your Rep" was a great guy and a great rep for your product. Took time to go over every detail of machine. Need more people like him in this world."
Roy G. - Folcroft, PA

"This machine was truly a blessing during my recovery. I was able to reach my goals of extension and flexion in between physical therapy appointments."
Gary M. - Hampton, VA

"This equipment was great to use and help me meet my goals with my new knee replacement! I went from 85% to 110% range on my knee!"
Ronnie S. - Charleston, SC

"The EZ Stretch helped me regain a great deal of my range of motion in my knee. I went from stumbling to walking straight the majority of time. It also gave me the courage to face the pain of straightening my knee."
Pam K. - Virginia Beach, VA

"I had total knee replacement, my extension and flexion was limited. I used the EZ Stretch for two months, both my extension and flexion is almost back to normal. I highly recommend the EZ Stretch."
Billy H. - Lambert, MS

"The EZ Stretch is a marvelous machine. I am 80 years old and have had both total knee replacement. I couldn't have asked for a better therapist than EZ Stretch. Your staff was great and worked with me on keeping your machine an extra month, Thank you all."
Donald Y. - Curtis Bay, MD

"The EZ Stretch helped me so much. I don't know what I would have done without it."
John M., Army, Charleston, SC

"What a great device. I'd use it again."
Betty L., Air Force, Baton Rouge, LA

"It really helped with my range of motion in my right knee. My doctor was really pleased."
Mary L., Army, Kingsport, TN

"Great machine with great service."
Dewey V., Army, Loris, SC

"My range is so good, don't know how I could have done without it. I am so thankful for being able to use your machine. I tell everybody that ask how I was able to recover so quickly. It is heaven sent and I thank you so much."
Terry H., Army, Marion, IN

"Excellent machine!"
Dwight S., Army, King George, VA

"After the third day of using the EZ Stretch, I could tell a big difference in the mobility of my knee. I would recommend it to anyone that has a knee replacement."
Bobby W., Army, White Pine, TN

"Excellent service! Helped my knee out and my range of motion!"
Alan T., Army, Hudson, FL

"Any person undergoing knee replacement should have this EZ Stretch. This EZ Stretch machine is a must for rehab knee replacement. Without this machine, I could not perform at this degree in this short time. This EZ Stretch machine is a must for knee correction at a very short time."
Johnnie D., Army, Baltimore, MD

"This has to be the best devise (EZ Stretch) on the market. I feel that my down time was cut in half."
George C., Army, Willingboro, NJ

"The EZ Stretch is an excellent machine when properly used. It helps you with the range of motion in your knee. Without this machine, my motion wouldn't be near the range that I presently have."
Carlnell J., Army, Miami, FL

"I could not have gained my flexibility without us of the EZ Stretch. It pushes a person to the max on getting better. Thank you very much for the EZ Stretch."
Rene V., Army, Indianapolis, IN

"It works again! The range of motion went from 85 to 107. Better than expected!"
Herbert G., Air Force, The Villages, FL

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